My research interests are in Scalability, Big Data, Cyber Security, Parallel and Distributed Computing.
In these broad areas, I have done work and am interested in (order irrelevant):

  • Distributed and Scalable Data Mining
  • Monitoring Distributed Data Streams
  • Big Data Technologies and Analytics
  • Internet of Things and Smart Systems
  • Privacy Preserving
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Management and Resource as a Service (RaaS)
  • Local Algorithms for Very Large-Scale (peer-to-peer) Distributed Networks
  • Grid Software and Opportunistic Computing
  • Data-Race Detection
  • Multilevel Caching and Selfish Collaborative Caching Schemes
  • Shared Memory Models and Software Distributed Shared Memory

I am always looking for excellent graduate students and post-doctoral researchers. Please drop me an email me if you are looking for a thesis subject.

Available projects in Operating Systems (236366) and/or in Parallel and/or Distributed Programming (236371) – see managing cloud resource and/or distributed caching.