Postdocs and Research Team

  • Dr. Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda. PhD. Cloud resource allocation
  • Dr. Mickey Gabel, Phd. Geometric Monitoring
  • Dr. Arik Friedman. PhD. Privacy Preserving
  • Sharon Kessler. MA. Scientific editor.

Working Graduate (and Undergraduate) Students

  • Iliya Kolchinsky. PhD. Scalable CEP Systems.
  • Liran Funaro. PhD. Memory-Elastic Applications.
  • Shunit Agmon. Security in RaaS Clouds.
  • Gal Yehuda. PhD. Monitoring Data Streams.
  • Shay Nachum. MSc. Attack techniques as a new approach to detect malware infection.
  • Ido Hakimi. MSc. Scalable Neural Network monitoring.
  • Hadar Sivan. MSc. Communication-efficient remote monitoring
  • Yuval Alfassi. MSc. Monitoring Distributed Graphs.
  • Yuval Sheratzki. MSc. Monitoring distributed PageRank.
  • Vadim Gliner. PhD. Predicting VF.

Graduated Master and PhD Students

  • Boris Pismenny. Auction-based Resource Allocation in the Cloud.
  • Arnon Lazerson. PhD. Scalable Monitoring of Data Streams.
  • Matan Liram. MSc. Enhancing SSDs using Erasure Codes. July 2017.
  • Mickey (Moshe) Gabel. PhD. Distributed Monitoring with the Geometric Method.. August 2017.
  • Ran Bernstein. MSc. Distributed LDA Monitoring. July 2017.
  • Uri Verner. PhD. Co-supervised with Avi Mendelson and Mark Silberstein. Processing Real-time Data Streams on GPU-based Systems. December 2015.
  • Nadav Amit. PhD. Co-supervised with Dan Tsafrir. Alleviating Virtualization Bottlenecks. July 2014. 2014 SPEC Distinguished Dissertation Award.  2015 Honorable Mention for the Denis M. Ritchie SIGOPS Thesis Award.
  • Mickey (Moshe) Gabel. MSc. Unsupervised Anomaly Detection in Large Data Centers. July 2013. Now PhD student at CS/Technion.
  • Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda. PhD. Efficient, Non-Cooperative Sharing of Computing Resources. June 2013. Now with the Industry.  Excellence Award by the Amnon Pazi Fund for 2013.
  • Eyal Posener. MSc. Dynamic Memory Allocation in Cloud Computers Using Progressive Second Price Auctions. May 2013.
  • David Ben-David. MSc. Breach Recovery for Geometric Distributed Monitoring. March 2012.
  • Amir Abboud. The Safe Zone Approach for Monitoring Distributed Data Streams. June 2012. Now a PhD student at Stanford.
  • Guy Sagy, PhD. Co-supervised with Daniel Keren. Non-monotonic Top-K problems. February 2012. Now with IDF.
  • Arik Friedman, PhD. Co-supervised with Ran Wolff. Privacy Preserving Data Mining. November 2010. Now a researcher at NICTA, Australia.
  • Avishay Livne. Distributed monitoring of data streams through geometric operations. June 2010. Now a PhD student at University of Michigan.
  • Mark Silberstein, PhD. Co-supervised with Danny Geiger. A Distributed System for Genetic Linkage Analysis. June 2010. Now a postdoc at University of Texas at Austin.
  • Avi Yadgar, PhD. Co-supervised with Orna Grumberg. New Approaches to Model Checking and to 3-Valued Abstraction and Refinement. March 2010. Now with a startup company doing better car batteries.
  • Valentin Kravtchov, PhD. October 2009. Service-based Resource Brokering for Grid-based Data Mining. Now with a startup company in the UK.
  • Kfir Karmon. August 2009. Quota in Grid Systems. Now with Microsoft.
  • Konstantin Shagin, PhD. Co-supervised with Michael Factor. February 2009.
    High-performance Fault-Tolerant Wide-Scale Parallel Computing with Java. Now with IBM Haifa Research Lab.
  • Tsachi Sharfman, PhD. Co-supervised with Daniel Keren. November 2008. Geometric Monitoring of Data Streams. Now with my research team and an independent entrepreneur.
  • Tal zamir. Co-supervised with Michael Factor. August 2008 Speculative lock acquisition for distributed Java runtime.
  • Benny Yoshpa. Co-supervised with Ariel Orda. August 2008. Game Theory Aspects in QoS Grid Computing.
  • Alex Gontmakher, PhD. August 2007. An Architecture and Programming Model for Extremely Fine-Grain Parallelism. Now with Google.
  • Noam Palatin. June 2007. Monitoring Large Distributed Grid Batch Systems via Data Mining.
  • Gregory Shklover. May 2007. Compilation for Fine-Grain Parallel Code.
    Now with Intel, MATAM.
  • Liran Liss PhD. With distinction. Co-supervised with Tzachi Birk. September 2006.
    Asynchronous Distributed Systems. Now with Mellanox.
  • Denis Krivitsky. June 2006. Large-Scale Distributed Facility Location.
  • Nili Ifergan. Co-supervised with Orna Grumberg. April 2005. Asynchronous Scalable Distributed Symbolic Model Checking. Currently with IBM HRL.
  • Ohad Shacham. Tel Aviv U., co-supervised with Mooly Sagiv. January 2005. Scaling Model Checking of Dataraces Using Dynamic Information. Now graduated PhD and is with Intel.
  • Ran Wolf, PhD. October 2004. Data Mining in Large-Scale Distributed Systems.
    Now a professor at Haifa University.
  • Bobi Gilburd. August 2004. A Privacy Model and Privacy-Preserving Algorithms for Data Mining in Large-Scale Distributed Systems. Now with IDF.
  • Amir Baror. July 2004. Hierarchical Decision Tree Induction for Highly Dimensional Data in Large-Scale Distributed Systems. Now with IBM, Boston.
  • Yoram Talmor. May 2004. Higher Performance DSM by Peaking Network Utilization.
  • Dan Trock. January 2004. Sampling-Based Distributed Mining of Association Rules.
  • Tamir Heyman, PhD. December 2003. Co-supervised by Orna Grumberg. Distributed Algorithms for Symbolic Model Checking.
  • Vadim Iosevich. 2003. Distributed Shared Memory: to Relax or not to Relax?
  • Eli Pozniansky. 2003. Efficient On-the-Fly Data-Race Detection in C++ Programs.
  • Sergey Polyakov 2002. Testability and Non-Operational Characterizations of Java Memory Model.
  • Emil Cohn Dan. 2002. A Transparent Distributed Shared Memory System.
  • Vadim Gleizer. 2002. Optimizing Sharing Patterns and Locality via Thread Migration
  • Vladislav Kalinovski. 2002. Co-supervised with Roy Friedman. Symphony: Managing Virtual Servers in Peer-to-Peer Environments
  • Oren Zeev Ben-Mordechai, 2001. On-the-fly Data-Race Detection.
  • Niv Nitzan, 2000. Dynamic Adaptation of Sharing Granularity in DSM Computations.
  • Dmitry Kogan, 1999. Distributed Garbage Collection with Number of Messages Independent of Pointer Manipulation.
  • Ayal Itzkovitz, PhD, 1999. Distributed Shared Memory: Bridging the Granularity Gap. Now an entrepreneur.
  • Lea Shalev, 1998. Load Sharing and Locality in Distributed Shared Memory Systems.Now with IBM HRL.
  • Sasha Basonov, 1998. Parallel DSM Implementation of BDDs.
  • Amit Reisman, 1997. Co-supervised with Craig Gotsman. Parallel Adaptive Ray Tracing on IBM’s SP/2.
  • Gadi Pesach, 1997. Research by Moshe Bach. Transparent Access to Pointer Parameters and Global Variables in Remote Procedures.
  • Alex Dubrovski, 1996. Load-Balancing in Distributed Shared Memory Systems.
  • Maxim Kuzin, 1996. Weak Consistency Distributed Shared Memory System Design.
  • Ishai Ben-Aroya, 1995. Algorithms and Bounds for Deflection Routing.
  • Galit Shemesh, 1995. Bounds on parallel computation by reconfigurable networks.
  • Shai Halevi, 1994. On Greedy Hot-Potato Routing. Graduated PhD at MIT. Now with IBM.